• The Year: 1812

    The Year: 1812

  • Tensions Were High

    Tensions Were High

  • War Was Brewing

    War Was Brewing

The Ruptured Sky is a dynamic digital literacy resource exploring the War of 1812 from First Nations perspectives. It features an interactive graphic novel, exclusive music and video and a comprehensive suite of pedagogical resources.
The Book

The Story

The Ruptured Sky explores the significant influence of First Nations Peoples on the outcome of the War of 1812. Without their involvement, the borders of Canada and America might have been vastly different. The graphic novel features important personalities like Tecumseh, John Norton, Joseph Brant, and others who played significant roles in the war. The narrative begins in a contemporary setting where Chris and Angie are working on a school project about the War of 1812, but they are finding it tedious, until Chris’ grandfather, John Montour drops by. He suggests that Chris and Angie come for a drive with him. Along the way, he tells them stories about the War and those events begin to come to life.



The Interactive is composed of a compelling interactive graphic novel that incorporates exclusive video, original score, informative interviews with First Nations members, and a digital treasure hunt. Other aspects include a digital timeline of key events, archival images, authentic First Native Canadian poetry.



The Ruptured Sky is linked to the Canadian Curriculum for Grades 5-10 Social Studies, English, Language, ESL/ELL, Native Studies, and World History. It can also be used as a digital literacy tool. Pedagogical themes include:

  • Aboriginal Worldviews
  • Treaties
  • War of 1812 Timelines and Key People
  • Mapping Lands, Borders and Battles
  • The Role of Women
  • Historical Biographies of the Métis
  • Identities
  • They Fought For Us: Will You Fight For Them?
  • Aboriginal Peoples in the War of 1812, the First and Second World Wars.