First Nations Perspectives

The Ruptured Sky is a digital literacy title that delivers insight into the vital role played by First Nations in the outcome of the War of 1812. The resource exposes an important part of Canadian history, one that has been underserved throughout the generations. Most of the principals involved in this project are First Nations artists, creators, writers, historians, subject matter experts and educators. It is important for students to have access to a resource that reports historical events from First Nations perspectives.


The story explores the significant influence of First Nations Peoples on the outcome of the War of 1812. Without First Nations involvement, the borders of Canada and America might have been vastly different. The graphic novel features important personalities like Tecumseh, John Norton, Joseph Brant, and others who played significant roles in the war.

The narrative begins in a contemporary setting where Chris and Angie are working on a school project about the War of 1812, but they are finding it tedious, until Chris' grandfather, John Montour drops by. He suggests that Chris and Angie come for a drive with him. Along the way, he tells them stories about the War and those events begin to come to life. The trio end their road trip at The Big Wheel restaurant where they meet up with some of John's friends, who are all elders from different Nations.

Each of them shares a part of the story of the War of 1812 and by the end, Chris and Angie both better understand an important part of their shared history and realize it is now their turn to carry the story forward.



The Interactive is composed of a compelling interactive graphic novel that incorporates exclusive video, original score, informative interviews with First Nations members, and a digital treasure hunt. Other aspects include a digital timeline of key events, archival images, authentic First Native Canadian poetry.

Target Audience:
Grades 5-12, or 6-12 for ESL/ELL learners

Key Features


Educators love The Ruptured Sky.

The graphic novel will be a long-overdue exposition of the pivotal contributions made by First Nations to early Canadian history.

- Dean Cunningham, Educator

Lesson packages are comprehensive and useful with practical activities and useful black line masters.

- Ontario Educator

I thought the lesson plans outlined in Grade 7-8 were excellent.

- David Plain
Aboriginal Author and Historian

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